Ljudska Univerza Tržič – Slovenian Language Learning

Our language learning project has ended with Tržič university.

Yesterday as a gratitude for the language course that we have taken, we have visited Ljudska Univerza Tržič in their workplace. We brought our flowers to our distinguished Slovenian teachers and our volunteers also cooked Turkish traditional food. Ljudska Univerza Tržič presented us with the history and important things that we need to know about the city of Tržič.

Most of our volunteers have never been to Tržič so it was also a very nice trip for us to get to know more about our beautiful Slovenia.

Regarding the language course, we had two groups with different levels and 10 individuals participated and learned the Slovenian language for more than 20 hours.

A total of more than 200 hours have been spent learning the Slovenian language and integrating into Slovenian society with our volunteers.

After all, it was a great project for us to learn Slovenian Language, get to know Slovenian culture, have an opportunity to have a dialogue with new people, and to have visit places that we have never visited.Thank you Ljudska Univerza Tržič for having us.

We hope that we will meet again for another productive project soon…