Intercultural Cooking Workshop

As the Intercultural Dialogue Association, we invite you to join us every month for an intercultural cooking workshop, organized in cooperation with the Cene Štupar Public Institute!

Event details:
🔹 Each month we form a group of about 15 participants from different nationalities, mostly Slovenians.
🔹 Under the guidance of our volunteers, we prepare dishes with quality ingredients, mostly from Turkey, in professional kitchens.
🔹 The event starts with a presentation of the menus and then we prepare the dishes together with the participants.
🔹 At the end, we enjoy the delicious dishes we have prepared with our own hands.

This event is not only a cooking workshop but also a platform for intercultural dialogue. While getting to know the cuisines of different nations, our Slovenian participants and members of the migrant community are making long-lasting connections. Meanwhile, our migrant volunteers practice their Slovenian and contribute to the community as active citizens.

Note: This event is also for individuals of migrant origin who wish to practice their Slovenian.

⏰ Event duration: approx. 2 hours
📅 Location: Cene Štupar

Each event will give you the opportunity to meet and try some special flavours. Don’t miss out!
The next Cross-Cultural Cooking Workshop. The number of places is limited, so please register via our social networks.

🔗 For detailed information and to participate, please send us a DM or visit our website.