Intercultural Dialogue Activities


As we mentioned in our posts before As a Ljubljana Intercultural Association, we aim to follow the UN’s 2030 “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG) and run our projects accordingly in the next 10 years.

Our most and first goal will be the (SGD17) “Partnerships for The Goals” and (SGD10) “Reducing Inequalities” in Slovenia.

Our intercultural association has been connecting with the humanitarian association ADRA Slovenia. Our cooperation started this year with the events for March 8 – Women’s Day. Members, volunteers of both societies began to cooperate mainly on the basis of the project called “Together in Distance” (TID) and both association’s women’s clubs, which are committed to reducing inequality (SDG 10) for women, especially during COVID-19.

We generally have 1 hour a week zoom sessions to read news, articles, and short With the help of active volunteers of ADRA Slovenia, we organized 40 hours of individual personalized courses for 16 immigrant students from Turkey during April, May, and June. To this end, language lessons are organized weekly and aimed primarily at encouraging speech. All of the students passed their national qualification exams with the highest points at their level.


In addition to more favorable measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, we also organized cooking workshops and socializing with music 2 times in June and July. 

Cooking, socializing and conversation in Slovene took place with the participation of the ethno music group Vroči orkestrion, under the expert guidance of a versatile volunteer from the ADRA association – Eva Jurgec.

At the first meeting, we listened and cooked Turkish. Representatives of the MKD association showed and prepared delicious traditional Turkish dishes, mostly based on plant foods.

The second event was upgraded with the participation of a music group, and the volunteers of the ADRA association prepared traditional Slovenian dishes, such as potica, gibanica, Brda frtalije, and more.

We truly thank all the members and volunteers of ADRA Slovenia and the Hot Orchestra group for their excellent cooperation, delicious food, and good company.