As a part of our project BODE/No Barriers to Equality, we participated in a humanitarian help campaign for Ukrainian refugees organized by ADRA Slovenia. We helped to collect the clothes and prepared the sanitary boxes.

Then we attended the presentation of Filantropija Slovenija to understand the lives of refugees after they arrive at their second home. What kind of troubles they have and what kind of hardships they are facing with the new local society.

And then we talked about how to help them, how to raise awareness about the issue, and how to be a volunteer for long-term humanitarian activities.

It was a great activity for us we took part in a campaign in which we learned a lot about the advocacy of migrants’ and especially refugees’ rights, we spoke 3 hours Slovenian language and last but not least we helped the needy ones. We never know maybe one day we will be the ones who will need help.

The activity has been executed as a part of the project “Brez Ovir do Enakosti”(BODE)The project is funded by the Active Citizens Fund in Slovenia from March 2022 – to November 2022.

ADRA Slovenija

Slovenska filantropija