Let’s Read Slovene


The main target of the group is creating a platform for foreigners who has basic knowledge (intermediate level) of Slovene and need conversational practice. It is a place for finding your Slovenian speaking mates. You can set your time and day and share it with the group so everyone can see your post and join you from the link you share through Zoom.

The group is Slovenian-free and there is no teacher in the group so we can make a lot of mistakes while we are speaking and can learn things from our friends through dialogue and see and correct our own mistakes.

We generally have 1 hour a week zoom sessions to read news, articles, and short stories in the Slovenian language and improving our reading, listening, and speaking skills.

Of course, if you wish you can have your Slovene speaking session every day as long as there are people who can join you.

I think that’s it. I hope we all enjoy the group and provide added value to Slovenia and to each other.