Hike to ORLE with Latinsko Društvo

Yesterday we went for a fun and 10 km long hike from Sv. Urh to Orle with Latinsko Društvo.There were people from more than 10 different countries.

Intercultural Dialogue was in practice all day long. Plus the weather was around 22 degrees and was perfect for a hike.

The hike was also important for us because last week 21st of March was World International Forests Day and we wanted to celebrate it with a nice hike where we can feel the beauty and importance of our forests.

We had a break in the Gostilnica ORLE and enjoyed the perfect food and desserts with great company.

It was a lovely day, thank you to all who participated in the hike, and special thanks to Latinoamericanos en Eslovenia – Latinsko Društvo

Hope to do it again soon…