Results of the Pop up the Bubbles Project

Two months after the end of the Pop up the Bubbles project, it’s time to look back and gather together all the results that have been produced during the project, which can also be accessed online.

Between November 2020 and February 2023, four project partners, in addition to the Social Academy, the Intercultural Dialogue Association, the St. George Parish Institute Stara Loka and Mangfoldhuset implemented a project aimed at increasing the social inclusion of families from Turkey and families at risk from Slovenia. The project was supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Bursting the Bubbles Handbook

You can read and download the handbook, subtitled “How to foster dialogue within and between communities” free of charge HERE.

Video from the Celje Family Camp

Watch a short video made at the Slovenian and Turkish Families Camp in Celje in 2022.

Six lessons in the Slovenian language

The portal has produced six lessons on intercultural and interreligious dialogue and participation in society. You are invited to read the articles and watch the video lessons.

Six lessons in Turkish language

The six lessons above have also been translated into Turkish and Turkish subtitles have been added to the video lessons. Lessons for Turkish speakers are available HERE.

Training for team leaders

In this one-day training, participants, and group leaders, learned how they can take their groups, movements, or organizations a step further by embracing diversity and through quality intercultural dialogue! You can read more about the content HERE.

Let’s Pop Up the Bubbles quiz

An online quiz was also created, where project participants and others interested in the content could take a quiz. It is available in Slovenian HERE and in Turkish HERE.

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