As lovers of dialogue, we did not let New Year’s Eve pass by empty and spent this beautiful time productively in the name of friendship and dialogue.

As the Intercultural Dialogue Association, we launched a gift-giving campaign, and together with our members we gave gifts to more than 150 people.

Some of our talented members even created some handmade gifts for their friends.

We believe that if we expect friendship, we must first show friendship. What the world expects from us, we expect from the world. Today, they call it empathy.

To put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and see things from their perspective. In other words, the ability to take into account expectations, feelings and thoughts, enthusiasms, and values that we respect.

We believe that, to the extent that we address this issue locally, we can, over time, widen the circle and help to create similar beauties around the world.

Perhaps this will be an important step in saving the world from the disaster into which it has been plunged. It is our duty to be representatives of good and to be able to face up to any evil that may arise.