Project “No Barriers to Equality” / “Brez Ovir Do Enakosti”(BODE)

Brez Ovir Do Enakosti(BODE) which means “No Barriers to Equality” is a fruit of our previous cooperations in the last 2 years with ADRA Slovenia. In this project, we are going to focus on the advocacy of migrants’ and refugees’ rights in Slovenia.

The project has started on the 1st of March and will be until the 30th of November.

The most important 3 targets of the project are:

  1. Increase ability to advocate (self-advocacy)of individuals from the migrant and refugee community.
  2. Gain access to the rights that affect their quality of life.
  3. Improve language skills of migrants and refugees in terms of advocacy.

What are the main problems for migrants and refugees in Slovenia?

  1. DISCRIMINATION: The biggest problem in society is that migrants and refugees experience unequal treatment, social injustice, stigmatization and discrimination. They want to be able to fight against it on their own.
  2. Lack of Competences: The implementation of these initiatives lacks competences on strategically oriented advocacy activities and campaigns.
  3. Lack of Language Skills: The vulnerable group lacks language skills, knowledge of professional terminology, media tools and correct ways of expression in the field of advocacy.
  4. Knowledge of the Rights of the Migrants: Migrants lack accessible and comprehensible information in this area to help them defend and assert their rights and achieve more social justice.

The List of Activities During The Project:

  1. Theoretical Part
    • 4 workshops on advocacy activities and campaigns,
    • 10 meetings for learning the Slovenian language in advocacy and terminology,
    • 1 workshop and brochure for information on changes and amendments in the new migrants law in Slovenia (ZTuj-2F)
  2. Practical Part
    • 1 advocacy workshop, about how to start an online campaign and create an interactive website,
    • Round table with decision makers from Slovenia regarding migrants advocacy,
    • Contributions on social media regarding the project,
    • Participation in a radio program where a participant from the workshop will have a public announcement of the project,
    • 2 big intercultural social events with purpose the purpose of advocacy.

The approximate number of working, teaching, and learning hours that will be spent on the project will be around 300 hours.


  1. 30 hours of learning about advocacy in Slovenian Language,
  2. 400 active participation of individuals during the project,
  3. Aprrox. 80,000 views in the public in the project time campaign

As a result of the project, we expect more migrants and refugees to know their rights and to be more active to require and get them in a proper way. Of course consequently to see them more active in social life and society.

The activities are gonna be executed as a part of the project “Brez Ovir do Enakosti”(BODE)
The project is funded by the Active Citizens Fund in Slovenia from March 2022 – to November 2022.