Migrants Rights in Slovenia


True story: ‘”Anything is possible because with a positive attitude and determination we can achieve our goals. Support from society is the key to the successful integration of immigrants” (Miryam from Peru, 45 years old) The BODE project (#BrezOvirDoEnakosti) is committed to empowering people with a migrant background in the field of advocacy, as they …


Consultative Body on Migration

In recent days, we attended a meeting at the Ministry of the Interior. The Consultative Body on Migration this time was about integration. The Ministry organized a working meeting of one of the three pillars of the Consultative Body on Migration. We discussed practical examples and experiences that could be taken into account in the …

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Project “No Barriers to Equality” / “Brez Ovir Do Enakosti”(BODE)

Brez Ovir Do Enakosti(BODE) which means “No Barriers to Equality” is a fruit of our previous cooperations in the last 2 years with ADRA Slovenia. In this project, we are going to focus on the advocacy of migrants’ and refugees’ rights in Slovenia. The project has started on the 1st of March and will be …

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