International Lace Day – 24th of September

Lace has been around for centuries and has been used for a variety of purposes, from fashion garments to home decoration – this day is celebrated in honor of the timeless and eternally fashionable art of lacework.

Last Saturday, the 24th of September, was “International Lace Day”.
To celebrate it and to meet new people from NGOs, we went to Škofja Loka with members of our association and visited the community “Breja Preja”.

We spent a lovely afternoon yesterday chatting in 6 languages. We made sunflowers, bracelets, slippers, ribbons, and crocheted lace to celebrate this unforgettable tradition.

It was a great event for us to meet new people and celebrate days like International Lace Day interculturally with local NGOs.

We thank all participants and organizers for this event. We hope to see you again soon for another great day and event.

Thanks, Breja Preja.

Breja preja