Dialogue Studies

As an association, we are being part of Dialogue Studies organized by indialogue foundation and @behzadfatmi in accordance with the 17th SDG (sustainable development goals) goal which is “local and global partnership for the goals and development”.

Dialogue Studies course is a certificate program for learning dialogue theories from different professors who are joining us from different ends of the world to be a dialogue practitioner and acknowledge the importance of dialogue in this global world.

Photos from participation in an Interactive session with Prof Stuart Rees from the University of Sydney on his book titled “Cruelty Or Humanity: Challenges, Opportunities, and Responsibilities” yesterday.

And participation in an interactive session with Dr. Irfanullah Farooqi from Aligarh Muslim University on “Discerning Dialogue in one of the most secularist prime ministers of India Jawaharlal Nehru’s reflections on Religion, Culture, and Secularism” today.

With professionals’ perfect contributions we are enhancing our global understanding of dialogue. Thanks for your efforts in organizing such a fruitful event.