Migrants Show at Radio Študent – Enolončnica

As an Intercultural Dialogue Association, we are collaborating with Radio Študent in the EU project “Migrants giving voice to Migrants”.

Our official representative Furkan Guner has participated in the journalism training at Radio Študent last summer, under the mentorship of RŠ journalist Jaka Virant,  and has been hosting the radio show “Enolončnica” for the last 6 months.

Previously our distinguished guests were from 6 different countries, Romania – Sabin, Pakistan – Shahid, Awais and Shoaib, Bosnia – Dalibor, Brazil – David, Egypt – Ahmed Kadourra, and our next show we will have our guests from Ukraine. We will talk about the Russian&Ukrainian war and its future with Ukrainian citizen Oleg Rogoza.

For the one who doesn’t know what is “Enolončnica“, is a “stew” is a simple dish that can be served with a piece of homemade bread as a standalone dish, as it contains enough nutrients that must be contained in lunch or dinner. It is a kind of thick soup consisting of several different types of food, especially vegetables. The stews are mostly prepared in autumn and winter, as they are very filling in themselves and warm us up pleasantly on cold days. “

The reason why we gave the name of the radio show “Enolončnica” is it is all about migration, integration, intercultural dialogue in Slovenia, and migrants from all around the world. Every migrant we are having in our show is making our stew tastier.

You can listen to the show every third Saturday of the month on Radio Študent, and all of the previous shows can be found here.

You can also find more about the project and the show from the link below.