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In our 11th Enolončnica, our guests were from Cameroon and Slovenia. Desmond was with us with Katja Utrosa from Slovenia who works for Društvo Gmajna and Info Kolpa for migrants’ rights and their integration in Slovenia.

Desmond is from Cameroon. He is an asylum seeker in Slovenia. His way was quite challenging and difficult, he was a long time on the Balkan route. In 2021, when he arrived in Slovenia, he asked for international protection. He is also a member of the Infokolpa initiative and he tries to raise awareness of the conditions of people on the move on the Balkan peninsula.

Katja Utroša is an activist working on migration issues for the past 5 years.

She works for Društvo Gmajna and she is a member of Infokolpa.

Since march 2022, together with Kulturno društvo Gmajna, Infokolpa is running an info office that helps people in need, both refugees and asylum seekers. We listened to their experiences, activities, and future plans.

We also listened to Desmond’s stories in Enolončnica for an hour while we will be listening to 2 nice songs from his playlist.

Desmond and Katja were our guests last Saturday 20th of August at 18:00 as usual.

You can listen to the show from the link below.


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