We are sharing our new project regarding the integration of minority groups in Slovenia.

Turkish families living in Slovenia have difficulties in learning the Slovenian language for certain reasons, and indirectly this problem prevents them from finding a job in the labor market and integrating into society.

3 project partners Intercultural Dialog Association, ADRA Slovenia, and Tržič’s People University will cooperate to resolve the problem.

Wish us good luck on our journey.

As we shared with you before, we are moving to the next stage as of next week on a Slovenian language course and individual counseling in career planning with Tržič university.

In the first place, our Slovenian language course will start as two groups suitable for levels. The language course will be 2 hours, 1 day a week, and 20 hours in total

Afterward, one-to-one hours will be determined for the participants by Tržič University on behalf of consultancy, and interviews will be started over the Zoom application.

After creating a personal profile on behalf of the career in consultancy, extra meetings can be arranged according to the needs and requests from the partıcıpants.

From our acquaintance meeting with @lutrzic.

As we announced we started our partnership with @adraslovenia and @lutrzic regarding getting to know the labor market in Slovenia and organizing language courses for integration.

Now it’s time to eliminate the barriers on the road of equality as we named our project together.

Yesterday we had a language test to find the best groups and levels for the participants of the project and fulfilled a form for individual consultation for job searching.

Thank you for your cooperation and your support🙏