1️⃣Monday morning we were with colleagues from Slovenia at the CNVOS workshop.
At the workshop, we listened to useful and practical ways of communication presented by Nina Meden from CNVOS.

2️⃣In the afternoon, we met with colleagues from all over Europe and talked about the framework of the “Active Citizens Days” project.

Speakers at the workshop:

1. Marta Bivand Erda from the Peace Research Institute in Oslo, focuses on current challenges of social cohesion and understanding the concepts of social cohesion and social inclusion from the perspective of different social groups and activities.

2. Peo Hansen from Linköping University and we focused on the hypothesis of migration as an economic burden for modern countries.

After the last online workshop on 26 September, we will head to Oslo on 10-12 October 2022 for an on-site meeting to learn and discuss social inclusion in the context of active citizenship.