53rd Birthday Anniversary of Radio Študent

We attended the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the “Leta Kontrola”, the only show in the Serbian language🇷🇸 in Slovenia.

We were together with the authors of some minority shows on RŠ and other guests, we remembered the beginnings, shake up the current state of minority radio production and look to the future not only of our show but also of other minority media in Slovenia.

Tribune was followed by a toast, refreshments, and entertainment!🥖🥐🥞 The DJ program was provided by the authors of the music show Hiljadu decibels in RŠ, Marijana Kuljanac and Ružica Petrova! 🎶🎵

Speakers of the event were:

-dr. Bojan Andjelkovic, former editor of Radio Student.

-Furkan Güner, author of the migrant show Enolončnica on Radio Študent.

-Marijana Kuljanac, co-author of the Croatian show “Mali granični prijelaz” na RŠ.

The activity was moderated by the editor and head of the Flight Control/Leta Kontrola, dr. Biljana Žikić.This year the anniversary of the “Leta Kontrola” opened the 53rd birthday celebration of RŠ!

Happy birthday Radio Študent.

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