13th Enolončnica – Radio Študent


In the latest Enolončnica, our guest Marco Segovia was from Ecuador last Saturday. This is the radio show where we promote intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity and break the stereotypes with Radio Študent in Slovenian society.

In the 13th show, we talked about Marcos’s hometown in Ecuador and his migration story first to Italy and then finally meeting with his girlfriend and to Slovenia

He is passionate about sustainability. So we talked a lot about Circular Change in our show with him.

He has worked in Ecuador, Italy, and now Slovenia on projects related to sustainable development and circular economy.

In Slovenia, he works as Project Director of the non-profit organization Circular Change.

Then we talked about his fresh family here in Slovenia because he is now forming an intercultural family with his Slovene fiancée, his soon-to-be son, and his cat.

We listened to Marco’s story and interesting details about Ecuador in Enolončnica for an hour while we were listening to 2 nice songs from Marco’s playlists.

You can listen to our show to discover more about Ecuador, and Marco himself from the link down below.


Stay tuned for the upcoming show on the third Saturday of November.