The World Refugee Day – 20th June

🔹The growing wave of refugees and immigrants produces mixed reactions among Europeans and sparks bitter discussions about Europe’s identity and future. Some Europeans demand that Europe slam its gates shut: are they betraying Europe’s multicultural and tolerant ideals, or are they just taking sensible steps to prevent disaster?

🔹Others call for opening the gates wider: are they faithful to the core European values, or are they guilty of saddling the European project with impossible expectations?

🔹We are having one another International Refugee Day today in the shadow of these discussions.

🔹Consequently, one thing that might help Europe and the world as a whole to integrate better and to keep borders and minds open, is to downplay the hysteria regarding terrorism. It would be extremely unfortunate if the European experiment in freedom and tolerance unraveled because of an overblown fear of terrorists. That would not only realize the terrorists’ own goals but would also give this handful of fanatics far too great a say about the future of humankind.

🔹Terrorism is the weapon of a marginal and weak segment of humanity. How did it come to dominate global politics?


⚠️Why World Refugee Day is important?

1️⃣ It builds empathy and raises awareness.

2️⃣ It provides an incentive to create a more peaceful world.

3️⃣ It encourages us to be friends, neighbors, and citizens.

⚠️How to observe World Refugee Day?

1️⃣ Attend a United Nations event in person or online.

2️⃣ Be a friend to refugees in your community.

3️⃣ Use your job to make a difference.

As an Intercultural Dialogue Association, we wish everyone a happy “International Refugee Day”.🙏