Shared Spaces Shared Futures / ROG Center

We present to you our new project “Shared Spaces Shared Futures” with ROG Center. In 2023, the new Rog Center will open its doors in Ljubljana and a new international creative and social center will be established in the heart of Ljubljana.

The Rog Center will operate as a public production space. It will be dedicated to cultural and creative industries with an emphasis on fabrication, urban handicrafts, cooking, design, architecture, and other applied arts. In this project with a couple of associations such as the Latin American association, association ODNOS, and institute Apis we will focus on two things:

1. How the Rog Center could support the migrant and refugee community towards greater social inclusion in the local environment?

2. Mapping the diverse knowledge of immigrants and refugees from the fields of cultural and creative industries (fabrication, urban handicrafts, cooking, manufacturing, design, architecture, and other applied arts) in order to be able to pass on this knowledge to representatives of their own and local community.

The research and development groups will be working as a part of the pilot project “Shared Spaces Shared Futures” funded by the Rog Center.