ROUNDTABLE WITH NGOs for “Empowering Migrant Voices in Integration and Inclusive Policies”

On Tuesday the 28th of June we were together with Kulturno Društvo Gmajna, Mirovni Inštitut and Info Kolpa.

Currently, they are working on a project “Empowering migrant voices in integration and inclusive policies”.

We had a roundtable also with the participation of new asylum seekers to understand their current problems and also refugees with more life experiences in Slovenia.

There were participants from 7 different countries. Slovenia🇸🇮, Kazakhstan🇰🇿, Turkey🇹🇷, Iran🇮🇷, Palestine🇵🇸, Syria🇸🇾, and Cameroon🇨🇲.

We tried to understand the current situation of migrants and refugees in Slovenia, then we tried to find a way how to activate them to be more integrated and also advocate for their own rights.

We had a very fruitful meeting and had some solutions. We will continue to implement them and will share the upcoming developments with you.

Kulturno društvo Gmajna

Mirovni inštitut


Aigul Hakimova