Project BODE+


We would like to announce the opening of an ‘INFO OFFICE’ for people with a migrant background.

The project No barriers to equality, rights and values is a continuation of the BODE project, where we started empowering people with a migrant background for advocacy.

The project also facilitates the operation of an INFO-PISARNA for people with a migrant background, run by Infokolpa and the Gmajna Cultural Association. All persons can contact the Gmajna Community Centre at the address Ul. Vida Pregarčeve 11 in Ljubljana, every Thursday between 17.00 and 20.00 for information, partial humanitarian assistance and social networking.

The project promoter is also the Intercultural Dialogue Association.

BODE+ will deliver results in:

1.) empowering NGO representatives and advocacy promoters with a migrant background to carry out strategic advocacy more professionally and confidently;
2.) provide comprehensive support and information on EU rights and values for people with a migrant background;
3.) raising public awareness and mobilising citizens to support solutions on migration issues;
4.) influencing legislation through two policy initiatives on integration, language learning for foreigners and the provision of meals for children with different backgrounds.

Impact4values is implemented under the EU’s Citizens, Equality, Rights, Values (CERV) programme, which supports NGOs to strengthen the rights and values common to all EU Member States. In Slovenia, the programme is managed by CNVOS.

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