New Faces of Slovenia


About Project

Project New Faces of Slovenia is a part of another project entitled Brez Ovir Do Enakosti (BODE), which means “No Barriers to Equality.” It is a fruit of cooperation with humanitarian organization ADRA Slovenia. and is funded by the Active Citizens Fund in Slovenia. In this project we are focusing on the advocacy of migrants’ and refugees’ rights in Slovenia.

The most important 3 targets of the project are:

  1. Increase ability to advocate (self-advocacy)of individuals from the migrant and refugee community.
  2. Gain access to the rights that affect their quality of life.
  3. Improve language skills of migrants and refugees in terms of advocacy.

What are the main problems for migrants and refugees in Slovenia?

  1. DISCRIMINATION: The biggest problem in society is that migrants and refugees experience unequal treatmentsocial injusticestigmatization, and discrimination. They want to be able to fight against it on their own.
  2. Lack of Competences: The implementation of these initiatives lacks competence in strategically oriented advocacy activities and campaigns.
  3. Lack of Language Skills: The vulnerable group lacks language skills, knowledge of professional terminology, media tools, and correct ways of expression in the field of advocacy.
  4. Knowledge of the Rights of the Migrants: Migrants lack accessible and comprehensible information in this area to help them defend and assert their rights and achieve more social justice.


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