📢Last week we participated in the International conference “Shared Spaces Shared Futures”.

We had our development groups before the conference and we learned a lot from our colleague’s experiences with migrant and refugee communities in their daily centers in Greece and France.

The conference was held in on the 16th-17th of June.

The first-day program we had:

1️⃣ Community Engagement for Sustainable Development

2️⃣ Participatory Budgeting and Participatory Governance in a Public Institute

3️⃣ Cross-Sectoral Creative Ecosystem for Social Impact

Second day:

1️⃣ Inclusive Use of Green Spaces

2️⃣ Integration of Migrants and Refugees

3️⃣ Gender, Technology, and Fabrication

There were experts and community leaders from Turkey🇹🇷, Netherlands🇳🇱, Bosnia🇧🇦 and North Macedonia🇲🇰, Croatia🇭🇷, England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Germany🇩🇪, France🇫🇷, Austria🇦🇹, Slovenia🇸🇮, Kazakhstan🇰🇿, and Columbia🇨🇴.

We shared our findings and statistics that we had with our research for specific target groups such as Intercultural Dialogue Association, Odnos, and @latinoamericanoseneslovenia for a better and more inclusive future for foreigners and better social cohesion under the roof of @center_rog and also in Slovenia.

Thank you to everyone who organized, participated, and contributed to this event.

Hope to continue our work to have a better-shared future in Slovenia🇸🇮

Mestna občina Ljubljana

Center Rog

APIS Institute / Zavod APIS

Latinoamericanos en Eslovenia – Latinsko Društvo