Participating in the Conference Meeting of Union Migrant Network (AMIF) Project of MOL

Last week, a conference of the Union Migrant Network (AMIF) project was held in the organization and premises of the City of Ljubljana, where Slovenian project partners presented the results of their work to stakeholders.

The Institute presented the research on the possibilities of employment of immigrants in the Slovenian labor market and acquainted them with some other research that is currently underway.

It is great to see the City of Ljubljana has such a kind of organization and project for social cohesion and more peaceful coexisting in our beautiful Slovenia.

Following institutions and associations have participated in the conference, the Office for Integration and Care of Migrants, the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia, the Peace Institute, the Cene Štupar Institute, Infokolpi, the Intercultural Dialogue Association, the NUR Institute, and the NSDS.

Unionmigrantnet City of Ljubljana ESS Peace Institute Cene Štupar – GOAL Infokolpa Intercultural Dialogue Nur Institute Independent Trade Union of Slovenian Workers

Mirovni inštitut

Cene Štupar – CILJ

Inštitut za slovensko izseljenstvo in migracije ZRC SAZU