Primarily these activities are recommended to people as a way of initiating sharing, interaction and dialogue with people around us, whatever they believe and whoever they are. Even the characteristics of the pudding itself make it well suited to use in dialogue. Noah’s Pudding is made from an oddment of ingredients that you would not usually expect to mix well together. In fact, they make a most appetizing dessert. The variety of ingredients of different shapes, tastes and textures can be likened to people. In Noah’s Pudding, the mixing of different ingredients results in a delicious explosion of flavors. So too, when diverse communities come together something good can come about from their interaction and conversation. Appropriately, while they all contribute to a single delicious pudding, the ingredients in Noah’s Pudding retain their own individual tastes and textures. Similarly, dialogue events are about bringing different people together around shared values and aspirations without denying their individual characteristics, their distinctive “flavors”.

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